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Law company «LEGAT» provides qualified legal assistance to protect the legitimate interests and property rights of legal entities and individuals.
The high professionalism of our employees allows us to offer customers high-quality legal services and practicing an individual approach to each client.
Law company «LEGAT» provides professional services related to the legal support of business activities in all territory of our country.
In addition, we provide services for the company's registration and the full support of 
business in Eastern Europe, which include:

  • Registration company in Poland
  • Registration company in Lithuania
  • Registration company in Latvia
  • Legal support of business activities
  • Protection of the rights of taxpayers
  • Services of advocate
  • Legal support of deals
  • Legal services in court
  • Enforce receivables
  • Provision of services in the preparation, signing and execution of the contract
  • <Bankruptcy
  • Legal expertise
  • Corporate law
  • Legal consultation about real estate 
  • Mediation
  • Consultation in the accounting sphere
  • International commercial arbitration
  • Protection in criminal cases
  • Legal services in the insurance sphere
  • 20. Legal services in the field of maritime law

Our specialists carefully monitor changes in legislation and expand the list of services in accordance with modern requirements.
If you need a law company in Odessa, we will be glad to see you at our office. We are ready to provide legal protection of necessary level for solve any problem issues. 
Currently, every person needs qualified legal assistance at a certain point. In difficult conditions of busy business life, our law firm offers its potential clients a broad range of legal services. It should be noted, that 
in our company you will get consultation of lawyers, services of good quality, protection the legitimate interests and rights of individuals and entire organizations. 
Law company «LEGAT» - great option if you need a law company in Ukraine. Our employees are among the best lawyers in Odessa, each lawyer has extensive experience in providing services in different areas of aw.
In addition, in our law company, you can get consultation about work of the judicial and executive authorities, banking institutions and others.
All of the above allows us to find the most optimal ways of solving any legal problem.